We’ve become okay with degrading men in the process of lifting women up and it is not okay

We’ve become a society that pushes terms like “toxic masculinity” and “mansplaining” while saying such things with utter hypocrisy. Women rally together to march through Washington D.C. in vulgar costumes while holding signs dripping with profanity and call it a social justice movement. The feminist agenda is one that pushes for abortion “rights” up to 40 weeks into pregnancy. This culture labels men as monsters and women as oppressed and any other narrative that doesn’t fall in line with that is offensive.

Bottom line: we’ve become okay with degrading men in the process of lifting women up and it is not okay. Equality is a two way street, not a tightrope balancing act where one party makes it to the other end okay and the other is pushed off while the crowd cheers.

Ladies, if we want respect, we need to give it.

We need to stop making jokes about all men being trash and assuming that there’s actually truth behind such a statement. We need to stop labeling liberation as demanding respect while doing all things unworthy of it. We need to stop praising ourselves while beating down the opposite gender. Just because society says that it’s okay to speak this way does not mean it actually is.

Girls, hear me out. We need to respect ourselves enough to understand the true meaning of class, dignity, and maturity and we need to demonstrate those things. We are not better simply because we have two x chromosomes.

We have gender specific abilities and gifts that allow us to do some truly incredible things, and so do men. We are different because that was God’s beautiful and perfect design. He created man and woman equal, not interchangeable.

And guess what-

Gentlemen are as rare as ladies are.

A Girl Becoming a Woman

I am flawed. 
I often give into fear instead of choosing courage. I care too much about the opinions of others and let words hurt me more than they should. I overthink and worry about the future. I always choose pizza over salad. Sometimes I stink at having patience. To be completely honest, I’m not the girl I want to be most days.
But in the midst of my weaknesses I am reminded of something beautiful. 
Even when I am messy and complicated, Jesus is strong and steadfast.
Even when I struggle and fall short, Jesus upholds every promise.
Even when I do not love myself, Jesus loves me fully.
He knows my name. He looks after my heart. He designed me in his own image. He died for me. 
And while I am imperfect and fall short of who he calls me to be, he loves me still. I am his- the daughter of the king. The girl who’s still becoming the woman she fully intends to be.