I want to marry God’s choice

I don’t write about this often but I wanted to today.

I think about him a lot. I pray for him even more. I ask God to protect him, give him wisdom, and help him become a man who pursues Jesus whole heartedly; to become a man who will lead me closer to my savior.

My husband will arguably have the greatest influence on most aspects of my life. He will be the one that helps me build a home, not only for us, but someday, our children. He will be the one that prays with me, cries with me, and celebrates with me. I will spend the majority of my life doing my best to love him the way God has asked me to.

When I talk to God about him, I ask for someone kind. Someone that doesn’t just show kindness to me, but to everyone. I ask God for someone who is honest- even about the little stuff. I ask God for someone who will love me, and not just say he does but actually mean it. I ask God for someone who builds his life around Jesus before anything else.

The man I marry will be the one that walks through life with me. He’s the one that will encourage me to open up my Bible and pursue God’s opportunity over the enemy’s fear. He will help choose names for our babies (although he has to pick from the list of names that are already typed in the notes on my phone), and hold my wrinkled hand when we’re seventy five.

And all of this is why he has to be God’s choice. Despite all of my desires, whatever they may be, I only want what God wants for me and who God wants for me.

So when I pray for him, I ask God to choose him. I ask for God to write our love story; because if you ask me, those are the best kind.

And someday, when our paths cross, I have a feeling I will know that He really was God’s choice.

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