if you have prayers that you desperately want God to hear, read this

A few months ago I found myself worrying over some prayers that were really important to me; prayers I desperately wanted God to hear.

My mom told me to write them down and put them in my window, representing a constant state of prayer over those desires.

Before I left them there, I whispered this to God: “I’ve asked you for these things and will continue to do so, but I’m choosing to trust you and leave these here.” An act of surrender.

As I was moving out of my dorm room last weekend, in preparation for the next season of life, I remembered my prayers in the window. When I pulled up the blinds to take them down, excited to reread the words I had written, I saw three blank sticky notes.

Now I know why they were empty; I know that the sun had dried out the ink I put on the paper. But my heart knew something different:

God had heard my prayers.

I showed the blank pieces of paper to my mom. She said, “look! Your prayers flew to Heaven.” Simple as that.

To me, those empty pieces of paper, where my heavy prayers had once been, signified a loving God who just wants me to know that He knows. He picked my words up off of that paper, letter by letter, and is holding them in His hand.

He hears me. He hears you. He knows what matters to your heart, and it matters to Him. And if you’re praying some heavy prayers today, try leaving them in the window.

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