learn to be obedient in the small

The Bible says Ruth “found” herself in Boaz’s field.

She didn’t strategically place herself there in hopes that she would get to talk to him. She wasn’t stalking him on social media or trying to get his attention. In fact, she wasn’t even looking for him.

She was simply collecting leftover grains, because that’s what she knew to do in the middle of her crisis. Ruth 2:4 says that while she was there, Boaz arrived. A beautiful picture of God’s perfect timing.

But I’ve decided a couple of things about Ruth.

She was obedient in the small before she was obedient in the big. If she had decided she was “too good” to go out and gather grains, she would have never met her kinsman redeemer.

God placed her in that field with more than a solution to her heartbreak in mind. He ordained Ruth’s introduction with Boaz but then called her into greater bravery.

She found herself in the field but she placed herself at the threshing floor.

She stepped into her purpose by first stepping into obedience. In the big and in the small.

She allowed God to direct her path instead of trying to shove the pieces together on her own. She trusted His outcome over her own idea of what it should be.

She was bold and faithful and one heck of a woman.

I want to be like that.

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