if someone has not told you yet, me too

“me too.”

There is massive power in those two small words. Healing comes when you share pieces of your heart with a friend and she has the courage to say, “yeah I get it. I’ve been there too.”

It is during moments like these that the burden feels lighter and the loneliness wears thin. It is then that the messy things are buried by mercy and the regret is finally crippled.

God cannot heal the parts of your heart kept hidden.

So if someone has not told you yet- me too.

You have anxious thoughts that keep you up at night? Me too.

Sometimes you struggle to hear what God has to say? Me too.

You’ve been verbally, mentally, and emotionally assaulted? Me too.

At times you face what feels like a mountain load of regret, anger, and worry? Me too.

You’ve made mistakes? Me too.

Friend, I’ve been there too. I know what it’s like. I get it. And if I don’t, someone else does. You are not alone, ever.

Go to someone who loves you and share the things you’ve left in darkness. Tell them about the struggles you feel alone in. Talk about the battles the church has ignored. And I pray that the two of you will have the courage to whisper to each other, “me too.”

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