this body was made in the image of God

I remember standing in front of the mirror in tears, angry at my body for looking less than perfect. I truly thought I was the only one that had flaws. Ha.

I wish I could go back and give that 7th grade girl a hug. I wish she knew that airbrushed beauty only exists on social media and in magazines and that real women have stretch marks, acne, and cellulite. I wish she knew that those “flaws” werereally just proof that she was human.

I wish she knew that she wasn’t the only one and I also wish that I could say it didn’t take her nearly 20 years to finally realize it.

This body of mine is not perfect. It’s been scrutinized in the mirror. It’s had hurtful things said about it by myself and others. And I’m sad to admit that there was a period in my life when I would have changed a thousand things about it if I could have.

But my body is healthy. My body is strong. I can run. I can swim. I can laugh and dance and sing.

Today I took this body to the beach in a bathing suit and didn’t wear shorts or a t shirt. I didn’t try to hide it and I didn’t expect it to look perfect.

I had fun with my friends and praised God for making me in His image. I thanked Him for teaching me that my beauty is found in Him. I celebrated the way He created me, stretch marks and all.

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