I spent years saying no to God

I spent years saying no to God.

He would open doors for me that I refused to walk through. I would hear Him say, “I’ve given you this gift so you can use it for my Glory” and I would repeatedly choose to listen to lies like these instead:

-you’re not good enough 

-you’ll just embarrass yourself

-there are so many other people that can do this better than you can

-you aren’t worth it

I know I’m not alone. I know you’ve heard and believed these things too. Here’s the truth👇🏼


satan doesn’t lie just to make you feel bad. he lies because he’s terrified you’ll be used by God. he knows how powerful God’s love and truth is. Kick that sucker to the curb, sis.

This summer I decided to say yes. I stepped out in faith. My friend came to me and said, “I know what song you’re singing in worship.” I was terrified.

It was the same song God had been using to work on me over the last year. I would hear: “for all my days I will sing of the goodness of God” and He would whisper: “why aren’t you singing?” I hid from these gentle taps on my heart.

When I asked my friend why she had chosen this song for me, she said, “when I prayed about worship I saw you singing this.” I cried. I finally got it after all those years.

He was waiting on my yes. Arms open.

My sweet Jesus just wanted my “yes”—and friend, no matter how long you’ve spent saying no, He still wants yours too.

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