find a friend like this

Find a friend who goes out for cookies and ice cream when the day is a little sad.

Find a friend who tapes notes to the bathroom mirror when she knows you could use some extra encouragement.

Find a friend that talks to you about the real stuff; the hard and Holy parts of life.

Find a friend that sees you’re stressed and says, “it’s going to be okay. Together we will figure this out.”

Find a friend that texts you just to say she prayed for you today.

Find a friend that wants to see you succeed and thrive, instead of trying to figure out ways to one-up you.

Find a friend that loves you enough to say, “I don’t think that’s the best decision.”

Find a friend that pushes you to exceed your own expectations.

Find a friend that listens as you tell her about all the messy parts of your life and then keeps those truths to herself.

Find a friend that sees you for who you really are and still thinks you’re great.

And when you find her, say a heartfelt thank you to the One who sent her—and do it often.
Because of her, the world is a brighter place.

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