We are not promised tomorrow

Recently I’ve been wanting to rush out of this season of life and into the next. I find myself fixating on college and what life will be like once I finally get there. I count down the months and days until graduation. To be completely honest with you, I often feel stuck.

Stuck waiting for things to happen and stuck wishing I was somewhere else turning my ambitions into reality. Stuck in a state of being ready to get on with it already. 
But I’ve realized a few things in the last couple of weeks. 
I am not stuck. Waiting? Excited? Anxious? Maybe. But never stuck.

Hear this: God has perfect timing. He knows exactly how long I need in each season to be ready for the next. 
He sees my eagerness to meet forever friends and find forever love. He knows I’m seeking my purpose and am yearning to “get on with it already”. But he’s also saying “slow down. Appreciate this while you have it”. Because while I’m in this season of waiting, I’m spending precious time with my family and I’m working on myself. This time that feels like a pointless in between of seasons may actually be the most important.

This life is only a moment in the grand scheme of things and we are not promised tomorrow, and neither are our loved ones. Don’t wish away time that God is using to water his seeds in your life. This time is important, and it matters. Because maybe while you’re wishing the days, weeks, or months would pass faster, God is working on you without you even realizing it. Maybe he’s waiting on you to do what he’s called you to do NOW instead of later or when you finally “feel ready”. (Guilty on all charges 🙋🏼‍♀️)

This time that you’re wishing would pass faster? You’ll never get it back. Because it’s fleeting, and because one day you’ll be 50 remembering back to when you were 18 and surrounded by all of the people who loved you most in the world and how you spent that time wishing it away. 
Live and love in the present. Today is a gift, and so are the people in it.

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