We are not capable of understanding God.

I’ve seen a lot of something recently that is breaking my heart. 
Those closing their hearts and minds off from God because they aren’t able to understand why he allows certain things to happen or doesn’t always answer desperate prayers with a “yes”. Friends, please hear me out: 
We are not capable of understanding God. And frankly, it’s self righteous to think we ever could. 
Fueling a disbelief in God because you aren’t able to understand his ways is taking your extremely limited human logic and perspective and placing it on a God that is all-knowing and all-holy. Omnipresent. 
His ways are higher than our ways. Period. 
We cannot put the Lord of all creation into a box of our own measurements and limitations. 
Yes, devastating hurt is hard to explain, and it’s almost impossible to accept— and unfortunately, this world is full of it. 
But sometimes the answer is no and we don’t ever understand why. If we could see through God’s eyes, we would never wish to change his ways. We would never question the hurt, because we would know what he knows. But for now, we don’t know, which is why faith is so important. 
And so is this:
“Sometimes you’re the only Bible a person is reading.” Show others your faith and how it shines. Show them that your love for them is genuine. Show them that their pain is only limited to this earth if they simply open up their heart to the one that cherishes it most. 
Show them Jesus.

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