Toxic people remain toxic people more often than not.

If you’ve settled into an unhealthy relationship because you think that somehow it will get better or you feel trapped or scared or maybe all three, PLEASE hear me out.

It is sooo not worth it. Toxic people remain toxic people more often than not. I know it may feel scary or hard to let go but I promise you will be so much happier without someone that adds more drama and stress to your life than anything else.

You deserve a man who puts your feelings into consideration, a man who tries 110% each and every day, and a man who loves you and doesn’t just say it but actually means it. You deserve a man who whole heartedly chases the Lord, and encourages your own relationship with God. You deserve respect, honesty, loyalty, and love. You deserve it all. 
Don’t settle for less than that for even one second. Don’t even think about it.

If you’re with someone who is controlling, manipulative, lies to you or about you, or isn’t good for your emotional health, let them go. You’ll be one step closer to finding the man who deserves your heart and all you have to offer. You are a gem. Don’t ever let someone make you think you’re not. 
You’ll find a person who sees more in you than you ever thought possible. A man who loves Jesus, a man who loves his mamma, and a man that loves you is coming your way sis. I just know it💗

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