This is the kind of relationship we should seek with all of our heart

Last night while I was working this little old man pulled me aside and whispered that his wife suffered from dementia and that he had to do most of her shopping for her. He asked for my help picking out the right sizes but also wanted to make sure she liked everything. He would turn to her and say, “sweetheart do you like this?” or “darlin’ do you think this would fit?” Never once did he show any frustration toward his wife who now needs assistance with even the simplest of things. His tone remained loving and calm even when all he received was a confused stare. Watching their interaction all I could think was “this is what love is”.

I saw this same type of love from my grandma as she sat by my grandpa’s bedside in the hospice house and kissed him on the head. My heart cried when she whispered to him that he would always be her man and that he was going to see Jesus soon and as big tears rolled down his cheeks. Even though he couldn’t verbally respond, that loved shined through those final tears. I saw it when she refused to leave his side and slept with her head on his pillow. And in that moment I realized why their marriage had worked for 61 years and I promised myself I wouldn’t settle until I found the same undying, unconditional, “till death do we part” type of love.

That is the kind of relationship we should seek with all of our heart. The kind that helps you shop when you can’t remember how to and holds your hand when the cancer has robbed you of your body and the pain won’t seem to go away. The kind of love that can’t be put out by any situation or set back and keeps burning until the very end.

That is the kind of love I want. That is the kind of love I pray for. That is the kind of love God calls us to give. That is true love.

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