this helped me in one of my biggest battles

Can I tell you something that saved me from myself in the midst of one of my biggest battles?

Jesus didn’t care about the opinions of men. He didn’t care about reputation, and He certainly didn’t care about political correctness.

But do you know what He did care about?
The truth.
He cared about people’s souls.

And not because they lived a certain way or looked a certain way or were deemed “worthy” enough. In fact, Jesus sought out the least of these. He found the broken and the lost in the middle of their chaos and offered them His hand.

He broke bread with sinners. He calmed the storm that terrified them.

I always think of the woman He met at the well who was ashamed and thirsty beyond relief. He offered her living water and redemption.

He did that for me. He met me at the well, hiding and hurt.

He seeks us in our lowest places. When we’re thrown into the fire He’s in there with us. When we’re staring into the faces of hungry lions He seals their mouths. And when we grasp for the hem of His cloak He heals us.

No, He didn’t care about being liked. He wasn’t afraid to offend, break rules, and tear down stigmas in order to ensure that He found us in our lowest places.

He spoke the truth fearlessly because He loves us. And people hated Him for it. They killed Him for it. But Jesus knew the importance of the truth and the unimportance of the opinion of men.

I’m challenging myself to follow that example in 2019.

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