Stand up for your sister

Last night the girls on my hall gathered together to stand up for one another.

We all received a paper that listed several vulnerable questions. Questions that walk hand in hand with shame, guilt, regret, and pain. Questions that hold the truths we desperately try to hide.

The hall was quiet as we all read each one and circled either yes or no.

These papers, now heavy with all of our personal truths, were turned back in without names. They were then shuffled and handed back out, each girl receiving another girl’s secret soaked paper.

These questions were then read out loud one by one. We stood for every “yes” that was circled on the paper we received. No one ever stood alone- not once. Many times, there were more of us standing than sitting.

“Have you ever intentionally not eaten or starved yourself to lose weight?”
“Have you ever been sexually/mentally/emotionally/physically abused?”
“Have you had sex outside of marriage?”
“Have you experienced divorce in your family?”
“Have you ever been addicted to alcohol/drugs?”
“Have you ever intentionally hurt yourself?”
“Have you ever experienced depression/anxiety?”
But the last question left just about every girl in the room up on her feet:
“Have you ever felt that God could not love you or forgive you?”

Last night I stood for my sisters and they stood for me. Right now I’m writing this in hopes that I can stand for you, too. 
Girl, you are not alone. You have friends and loved ones battling the same things and drowning under the same secrets.
You are not the only one with regret, shame, and heartbreak. I am here with you and so are your sisters.
And through it all, because of Christ, we are still standing.

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