She’s trying her hardest too.

Compliment her. Smile when you say it and mean what you say. Sometimes a simple “you look so pretty today” can go farther than you know. 
Encourage her. Acknowledge her accomplishments and successes. Show excitement for that awesome thing that just happened in her life. Be happy for her—genuinely. 
Extend love when it’s needed and understanding where it’s lacking. 
Be kind. Even to the girls that aren’t so kind to you and even to the girls that hurt you.
We often like to justify our own bitterness based on someone else’s actions or intent. But God didn’t place exceptions on that rule. We can’t fight cruelty with more cruelty. 
Be aware of your thoughts. Stop tearing down other women out of habit. Stop creating reasons to dislike her before you’ve even taken the time to get to know her—especially if that reason involves a boy who probably won’t matter in a few months (I think we’re all guilty of that one). 
We all face different battles and struggles that often go unspoken. Her life isn’t easy either. Her days are sometimes hard and long and messy too. She has some of the same insecurities and has made some of the same mistakes. 
And the wise words of my mom: “she’s just a person too”. 
Be kind to her. Stand up for her. Love her. She’s trying her hardest too.

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