Shared Potential

Her beauty does not take away from your own. Her success does not undermine yours. Her relationship status does not affect the love story God is writing in your own life. 
Why can’t the admiration of another woman’s beauty stand alone? Why does comparison so often have to tag along? 
You are designed to be the woman God calls you to be. To fulfill your own purpose, not hers. 
Why is it that we can be so quick to attach negative thoughts to complimentary ones? 
We need to celebrate victories without feeling inadequate about our own. We need to admire beauty without thinking less of ourselves. We need to stop using words as weapons. 
We need to love each other. 
This world is hard enough. 
So ladies let’s start thinking like this instead: 
She is beautiful and so am I.
She is talented and so am I.
She is successful and so am I.
She is loved and so am I.

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