My life became a lot easier when I realized this simple truth

“Bitterness, anger, and resentment have no place in a heart as beautiful as yours.” – @lysaterkeurst

I was reminded of this quote today (which has touched me since the first time I read it), and wanted to write something to all of you that ties along with my last post. 
Reminder: no, you do NOT have to put up with toxic people that only seek to hurt you or bring you down. 
However, if you bury yourself in anger toward those people then you’re no better off than they are. 
My life became a lot easier when I realized this simple truth: 
Your words, choices, and attitude make or break your happiness. 
Meaning this: YOU decide how you respond to things. YOU decide what you give weight to. YOU decide what words matter the most. YOU control your thoughts and actions. And YOU decide who gets to be a part of your life. 
And while you may encounter people who are toxic and do more damage than good, YOU decide how much power to give them—and drowning in anger, bitterness, or resentment over the things they’ve done to hurt you is giving them too much power.
Surround yourself with genuine people. Good people. People that pray for you and love you. And the people that wreak havoc? Let them do that in their own lives. 
But friend, also pray for them. Ask God to give you the strength to forgive them and respond how he wants you to. That does not mean they deserve a place in your life, it just means you’re making the decision to feed good emotions and water good thoughts. 
Your happiness depends on how willing you are to shine for Jesus—and you can’t shine under a dark cloud of anger. 
So if nothing else, remember this:
No matter what, you can always decide to choose happiness instead. ☀️

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