Just a Few Good People

“You don’t need everyone to love you. Just a few good people.”
This quote is from The Greatest Showman, which I have plans to see tonight for the third time. Did anyone else love it that much too?! This quote stood out to me the moment I heard it and I haven’t forgotten it since. I think we tend to forget how true this is, at least I know I do. 
I invest in the opinions of others too much, and I let them hurt me more than they should. I wish I was the sort of girl who never let that kind of thing bother her. But I’m still working on it. 
I know I’m not the only one who feels this way sometimes. Negative words spoken to us or about us hurt a lot. But today I was reminded of something. 
Jesus was disliked. Jesus was misunderstood. “And they laughed at him” Mark 5:40 
“And they took offense to him” Mark 6:3
The Lord of all creation understands how this feels. He understands my heart and what hurts it, and he’s been there. He didn’t deserve their ridicule, yet he responded with love anyway. 
I’m still learning to walk in the truth that Jesus speaks over me, not the lies of those who don’t know my heart. I’m still learning to listen to His voice above all others and believe this fully:
I don’t need everyone to love me. Just a few good people.

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