I’m real and I’m loved just the way I am.

I was in middle school when I started to dislike what I saw when I looked in the mirror. I thought the girl looking back at me wasn’t skinny enough or pretty enough. I lacked confidence and self esteem. 
I listened to a society that told me what I should be and what I should look like. I believed the lie that if I didn’t live up to a certain standard of beauty then I wouldn’t be loved or accepted. 
I share this because I know I’m just one of millions of women who have felt this way or still feel this way.
When I learned to listen to what God says about me over what the world says about me I gained my confidence. I learned to love myself because he loves me, because he designed me in his image, and because he tells me that my beauty is not defined by my outward appearance. 
I’ll probably never have a thigh gap or flawless skin or any of those things society says I need to have in order to be beautiful and that’s perfectly okay. What God sees when he looks at me matters so much more. 
I’m real and I’m loved just the way I am, and so are you.

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