I am equal, but not better than.

I am a woman.
I am strong, capable, and able but will graciously accept help when it’s needed and say thank you when a door is held for me.
I will encourage and uplift the women in my life but will also encourage and uplift the men in my life.
I have God-given attributes that allow me to make an impact on the world in a unique way and I will celebrate that without lessening the value of abilities that are different than mine.
My body and mind are capable of incredible things and I will not cheapen that by believing that sameness is a synonym for equality.
I am empowered and proud of who I am, but will not place womanhood above manhood.
I am equal, but not better than.
I refuse to degrade due to differences and I refuse to listen to a society that sells self worship and labels it liberation.
My God is the creator of equality and the establisher of perfect design. 
He molded me in His image.
He died for me.
He loves me.
And thankfully, those three facts stand true for everyone, regardless of any difference.
Let’s live like it and let’s love like it.

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