Happy people make it a habit to:

Happy people make it a habit to:

•forgive instead of holding onto grudges

•search for things other than offense (you always find what you’re looking for. AKA: if you’re trying to be offended, you will be. seek out joy, love, and peace instead)

•spend time with the Lord and his word (focus on what he says and what he says alone)

•log off of social media every once and a while (I promise her life isn’t as great as it looks on instagram. She has her own list of struggles that you know nothing about)

•pay attention to words (words are some of the most dangerous weapons. watch them carefully)

•kick negative self talk in the butt (the way you talk to yourself matters. If it wouldn’t be okay for someone else to say to you, then why is it okay to say to/about yourself?! It’s not!!)

•realize that it’s not all about them (we tend to feel like everyone is talking about us or looking at us or judging us. Here’s a secret: They’re not! Strive to be someone that focuses on God so much that even when they do look, they see Jesus there and in everything you do.)

This is a short list that could be a much longer one. There are lots of things we do that kill our happiness, and lots of things that create it! You’re more in control of the way you feel than you think. Here’s a truth: seeking Christ first is the special ingredient. 
I love you all, goodnight 💕

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