From prostitutes to princes

I was reading in the story of Hosea tonight and a few things stood out to me that I wanted to share with you. 
God told Hosea, “go and marry a prostitute” (Hosea 1:2) and the next sentence is “So Hosea married Gomer” (Hosea 1:3). 
The Bible doesn’t tell us about Hosea’s inner battle. It doesn’t tell us about his doubt and worry. It doesn’t show us his struggle. 
There isn’t a verse that tells us if Hosea wanted to or not, just one that tells us that he followed God’s command. I don’t think this is because Hosea didn’t experience all of those things, I think it’s because what’s important is that he did it. He trusted God over himself.

When Gomer left Hosea and went back to prostitution, God said “go and love your wife again” (Hosea 3:1), and Hosea did. Again, it doesn’t talk about his pain or suffering, just his willingness to trust in God’s command.
What if we were more willing to trust God when we faced hard things? What if our conversations with him looked more like this?

“But God I’m scarred, I don’t want to.” 
“Go anyway, do it anyway”

We don’t have to be fearless to follow God’s commands in our lives. We can be totally terrified and unsure but choose to trust him over all of it anyway. 
My favorite verse in this story is this one:

“I will show love to those I called ‘not loved’ 
And to those I called ‘not my people’, 
I will say, ‘now you are my people’ 
And they will reply, ‘You are our God’” 
Hosea 2:23

Throughout the Bible, God uses all kinds of people, from prostitutes to princes. And he can use you too. Just choose to say yes.

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