For every “but” there is an unchanging truth.

This morning the pastor asked us to write down something we are prone to do that hinders our spiritual growth and causes disappointment in ourselves.

I wrote “having a lack of patience and trust in Gods plan.”

I folded the paper where I wrote those vulnerable words and placed it in my Bible with no intention of sharing them until God reminded me that this is no rare struggle.

I am hesitant to admit that I often feel waves of doubt, fear, impatience, and worry about the future. How grateful I am that it is during these times when I hear the quiet and still voice of my savior. When I say, “God I am scared” he says, “daughter you are loved and I will fight for you”
When I say, “God I am worried about this situation” he says, “trust me for I already have it figured it out”

For every “but” there is an unchanging truth. He lovingly reminds me of his promises every time I fail to believe that they still stand true for even me. He is writing my story in his perfect and unfailing wisdom, and he’s writing yours, too.

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