Do you ever talk to God about your future?

Do you ever talk to God about your future?
Do you ever stop to pray for the person that will stand across the altar from you some day? Do you pray for his safety, wisdom, and happiness? Do you ask God to help you become the best version of yourself? Do you pray for your future children and that their world will be filled to the brim with love?
I do.
But I also pray for peace. I pray for patience. I pray for God to help me become the woman I need to be FIRST.
Because I would rather wait than have something that isn’t meant for me.
I would rather pray until I’m out of words than wander aimlessly and hope I end up where I’m supposed to be.
I say this because one day I’ll look back and be grateful for the periods of waiting. I’ll thank God that he blessed me with things in HIS timing and not mine. I’ll be thankful for the 19 year old girl who prayed for the things she could not see.
And tonight that girl is praying that someone’s out there whispering to God about her too.

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